22 March 2018

13th Annual Home and Garden Show – Austin Spring –

Join CertaPro Painters of Austin, TX at the 13th Annual Home and Garden Austin Show, look forward to seeing you at the show and if you have any painting needs or questions please stop by the CertaPro Painters of Austin’s booth. Click on the image below for more details about the show! Show details: Where:Read the full article

16 November 2016

Residential Painting Austin: Signs of Quality and Experience

A weekend project repainting your house might seem like a great way to save money. All too often, homeowners fail to realize the scope and skill required for a quality paint job. This often results in shoddy work that degrades in appearance quickly. Trusting your residential painting projects to an experienced professional will produce amazingRead the full article

Impact of Regular Paint Maintenance to Residential Property Value

Timely Austin Residential Painting Regular maintenance is important for retaining a property’s value. For most homeowners, this generally means repairing and replacing infrastructure, such as HVAC and plumbing. As many successful residential property owners will tell you, cosmetic maintenance can greatly affect your bottom line. Nicer looking properties command a higher premium for rent andRead the full article

Commercial Painting Central Texas: Advantages and Common Issues

Commercial properties retain value and collect a higher premium when well maintained. Hotels, apartment buildings, and assisted living facilities routinely need cosmetic maintenance, such as fresh paint and power washing. CertaPro Austin is uniquely equipped to handle most types of commercial properties, including industrial facilities, managed rental properties, and even hospitals. Painting Services for BusinessRead the full article

Austin Interior Residential Paint Options

The prospect of hiring painting professionals and bringing them into your home can be a daunting task. Homeowners want quality work and decent prices. Of course, homeowners also want the the people they invite into their homes to be respectful and without criminal backgrounds. Hiring a reputable painting company, like CertaPro of Austin, eases theseRead the full article

3 Tips for Picking the Best House Painter in Austin

A little paint goes a long way. A lot of paint requires a trusted painter. With plenty of licensed and unlicensed painters available to consumers, finding a qualified professional for your home or business can be difficult. To help with your search, we provided a few tips for the best Austin area CertaPro experts. PickingRead the full article