Austin Interior Residential Paint Options

The prospect of hiring painting professionals and bringing them into your home can be a daunting task. Homeowners want quality work and decent prices. Of course, homeowners also want the the people they invite into their homes to be respectful and without criminal backgrounds. Hiring a reputable painting company, like CertaPro of Austin, eases these concerns with an established crew of skilled Austin painters.

Central Texas Internal Residential Painters Qualifications

Experience that can be verified, either through an employer or past customers, is the primary qualification for an Austin area painter. Some certifications are available but they are not required for employment. Selecting an established company that hires bonded and insured residential painters can better guarantee high quality results. CertaPro of Austin only hires commercial and residential painters with a verifiable track record. Many of our technicians have been with us for years, often serving the same clients for interior and exterior residential paint projects. Client referrals are the lifeblood of our business. Satisfactory completion of your Austin home painting job means you’re likely to refer CertaPro to others.

Proper Furniture Handling during a Paint Job

Maintaining the original appearance of your furniture and belongings is extremely important to CertaPro of Austin. Before work begins, our painters note the location of your furniture then move it all to the center of the room. They then cover everything in plastic to prevent damage from errant drips or splatters. This same care and attention also extends to carpets and flooring. Any non fixed rugs will be removed from the painting area and put back once the project is complete. CertaPro wants to make your home look it’s best. Of course, that won’t happen if your furniture is destroyed in the painting process.

Interior Color Choice from Austin Painting Professionals

The colors of your home are incredibly important. Some studies have shown that colors affect mood and general mental well being. When selecting the color palette of your bedroom or living room, the trained painting professionals at CertaPro of Austin can help select the right shade for your showplace. Ultimately, customers have the final say but advice from CertaPro residential paint experts can add vibrancy and radically transform a home. Austin CertaPro can even offer customized colors to match your home’s existing motifs and themes.

Post Project Cleaning and Inspection

Interior residential painting work from CertaPro of Austin is not completed until a thorough inspection has been performed by the customer. This includes returning undamaged furniture and other objects to their rightful place after the paint has dried and the project is approved. CertaPro goes to great lengths to ensure customer fulfillment. Communication with clients to guarantee satisfaction is an important aspect of our residential painting process. Let your CertaPro Austin painters know about any issues and they will address them immediately.