3 Tips for Picking the Best House Painter in Austin

A little paint goes a long way. A lot of paint requires a trusted painter. With plenty of licensed and unlicensed painters available to consumers, finding a qualified professional for your home or business can be difficult. To help with your search, we provided a few tips for the best Austin area CertaPro experts.

Picking an Austin Painter: More Fun than Watching Paint Dry

Selecting a painter for your next commercial property or home improvement project is not that difficult. The signs of a quality painter are fairly easy to spot if you know what to look for. Anyone that has dealt with substantial property improvement will understand the difference between a professional and a random hire. Though our reasons are explained below, the advice for locating a quality Austin-based painter for your residential or commercial property is simple. Find an insured, qualified professional with a track record for completing their work on time and within budget. Construction employs millions of Americans. Everyone knows someone, or a relative or friend of someone, that works in construction. Mention that you want to repaint your house and a friend will have a relative willing to do the job cheaper than professional options. Do not fall for this trap! The cost savings associated with unlicensed painters is exaggerated. Savings for supplies and labor leads to poor quality results that has to be replaced more frequently. A higher quality job done by an Austin paint professional lasts longer with better results.

Real Businesses Pay for Their Mistakes

A number of problems can occur on a job site. When the worst happens, a business needs to pay for their mistakes. It can be tempting to save a few dollars by selecting an unlicensed, uninsured painter. However, the consequences can be severe. An injured, uninsured worker might not be covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy. This could potentially result in lengthy and costly lawsuits. Insured businesses have policies that protect their workers from on the job accidents. Safety precautions need to be implemented by experienced professionals. Though most commercial and residential painting jobs are done without incident, accidents do occur. Insurance policies cover a wide variety of foreseeable events. But they are most useful for the accidents you cannot anticipate.

Painters Have Portfolios

Call it a referral. Call it word of mouth advice. An experienced painter has no problem showing off their past work. Many successful businesses will have detailed photos on their Austin residential and commercial painter website. Requesting a referral from a customer is also not unusual. More than a few Austin area painters, like CertaPro, have been in business for more than ten years with no shortage of customers willing to verify the quality of their work.