12 out of 10! The guys were excellent, they were on time to start and didn't leave a mess when they finished. They powerwashed well and painted well. They also did the work quickly in one day and did an excellent job.

James W. | Austin, TX
March 12, 2018

Workers were very professional, kept areas clean and checked into the management office to keep us up to date on their progress.

Cindy L. | Austin, TX
March 12, 2018

The team working on our house did a very good and thorough job.
They took care not to damage flowerbeds, were always professional and friendly.
It all looks really beautiful.

Louise S. | Austin, TX
March 10, 2018

Workmanship was very good. Communication about job scheduling could improve.

Mary Anne B. | Austin, TX
March 10, 2018

A bit more follow-up by the crew regarding the start time and attention to clean-up detail (fixed after I complained the first step of the process)

Ed & Carol R. | Austin, TX
March 10, 2018

Fernando and his grew were great!

Terri & James P. | Round Rock, TX
March 3, 2018

I was satisfied with the work done, and would most likely recommend CertaPro IF the person didn't mind spending time checking out the job, ensuring that it was done to his/her expectations. I had my son-in-law come over and talk with the supervisor 4 times. All in all, they did the things we identified, and did a good job. Yet, today when I went out and walked around, I found a few things that I would have expected them to find and fix as they went, e.g. a few nail pops, dripping paint, obvious coverage with caulking that wasn't covered well with paint. I know these are picky, but some people are picky. I am satisfied; and will be glad to serve as a reference. My recommendation is that future customers are told in detail how the system works: Salesman makes the deal; Salesman introduces customer to contract supervisor and disappears. Contract supervisor shows up first morning, orients a "worker", sticks around for 1-2 hours and disappears. Worker finishes washing the house, caulks, and gets ready for painting. Contractor and "worker" both show up on day of painting. From my perspective, I still wonder what would have happened if I hadn't walked the house and contacted Matt. Other thing, Production Manager needs to learn to listen to the customer, even if it is a woman. I was totally irritated that he came and told me what happened (he wasn't here), made it clear he didn't want to hear what I was trying o say to him. Fortunately for me my son-in-law agreed to take over; otherwise, I probably would have closed the deal after the first day. So, yes, I'll recommend people, but with the qualification that they need to stay involved no matter what is agreed during the sales pitch.

Helen E. | Austin, TX
March 3, 2018

So professional, so quick. So easy to work with.

Joy W. | Austin, TX
February 26, 2018

Excellent work but need someone to come and adjust a few cabinet doors

Linda C. | The Hills, TX
February 20, 2018

I think every body did really well, they were contientious, cleaned up, the service rep matt was nice and very accomodating, we were very satisfied with the work.

Diana W. | Austin, TX
February 13, 2018